Sunday, 13 November 2016

Week 6

The start of another exciting week!   

We have started swimming - the water is warm once the children get in and move around.  We are very lucky to have swimming instructors in on a Wednesday and Friday.  The children are really benefitting from their expertise.

Sports Tasters
On Tuesday we have a second session learning netball skills.   Oops cancelled due to the rain!
Then we have 3 sessions of hockey - the children will have the opportunity to learn some of the basic skills involved in this sport.

Here are some of our photos and thought about hockey.

Jilian - I learnt to dribble the ball with the hockey stick.

Sosaia - when you play hockey you have to hit the ball with the flat side of the stick.

Israel - I learnt zig zags with the ball.

Rayan - I learnt how to hold the hockey stick.

Devin - you can't hit the ball with the curved side of the stick, you  have to use the flat side.

Analise - we learnt lots of skills.

Maddie - I learnt the strong position.

Hunter - I learnt how to hit the ball around cones.

Sanura - you have to hold the top of the hockey stick with your left hand and the middle of the stick with your right hand.

Roman - you are not supposed to bend your back, you are supposed to bend your knees.

Hanna - I learnt to hold the hockey stick correctly.

Hunter Leigh - Stuart taught us to do hockey a certain way.

Amarni - you have turn the hockey stick around from side to side.

Ahurei - you use you left hand to turn the hockey stick side to side.

Lattrell - I liked it because I learnt a new skill.

Aryan - I learnt how to dribble the ball with the hockey stick.

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