Monday, 16 May 2016

Week 3

We had a visit from the Fireman Mike today.  He revisited the information we had learnt about being Firewise.  The Room 4 students knew all the answers to his questions!  He was very impressed with their answers and behaviours.

Fireman Mike asked "What does a fireman do?"

Firemen do lots of jobs - putting out fires, going to car crashes, helping people who have heart attacks.

We watched a video about a fire caused by a candle.  

  A candle should never be lit and left by an open window and a curtain.  You need to stay in the room with a lit candle - blow it out if you leave the room.

Fireman Mike told us a story about a girl whose house caught on fire.
The girl heard the smoke alarm and climbed out her bedroom window and went to her safe meeting place.

We learnt how to write a thank you letter to Fireman Mike.

We did some fantastic writing, posters and artwork to celebrate what we learnt about Firewise.

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