Sunday, 20 March 2016

Hot Air Balloon Visit to Our School

We saw a hot air balloon being inflated on our school field,  These are our thoughts about the visit we had today.

When the flames went up it was very loud - Devin

It was very exciting when we got to climb up and look inside the basket - Israel

The fire looked amazing - Rayan

I liked the part when they pumped up the balloon because it was so enourmous - Aryan

I liked it when the the man when the man went up in the balloon - Lattrell

The fire was neat because it was warm - Veitomoni

I liked it when the man was bouncing in the basket - Israel

looking inside the basket - there were gas tanks in the basket - Hunter
Israel won the Credit Union colouring in competition.  He was very excited and loved his prizes especially the $50 voucher.

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